Selecting a Suitable Residential Mobility Lift

Mobility lifts are important in residential buildings if there are persons with physical disabilities that limit free movement. In addition, you should consider installing this type of lift if there are aged or aging members of the family. These features or equipment will allow the affected people to retain their movement around the building so that they will not be confined to the one area of the house. The lifts can also reduce strain and mitigate the risk of accidents in your home, even when your vulnerable loved ones can still walk.

There are different types of mobility lifts that you can purchase and install in your residential premises. The differences between the equipment can be with regard to the lifting capacity, mode of operation and the brands. Additionally, the right product for your home will depend on the type of physical limitation, the configuration of the home and your budget. Here is a brief description of the primary mobility lifts in the market to evaluate before making a decision.

Vertical Platform Lifts

The platform lift is a vertical elevating system, and it is an appropriate choice for your home if there is an individual confined to a wheelchair. The product is usually installed in residential environments as a small-scale lift. It is an ideal alternative to the common wheelchair ramp because the physically limited person can utilise it without assistance. As implied, this equipment has a platform or a flat surface which supports the user. The lift is powered, so it will rise when the pertinent controls are pressed. The main drawback is the high cost, and it might not be suitable for smaller houses.

Stair Lift

The stair lift can be installed in most homes because it does not take up a lot of interior space. This type of mobility aid is designed for installation along the stairway in the house. It is a perfect choice if the disabled person in the home has issues only with going up and down the stairs. The stair lift will provide the powered ride along the stairway, so you will need to make minimal modifications in your home. A wheelchair can be used on this lift, or you can stand or perch on the elevator.

Lift Chairs

These are useful if your physically vulnerable family member or loved is not confined to a wheelchair, but they experience difficulties. This is similar to the stair lift, but a chair is installed instead of a platform. This mobility aid is comfortable, and you can choose lifting capabilities for easy rising.

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