Company Branding: 5 Places to Have Your Logo Printed

If you run a business, branding should be a top priority. One way to brand your business is by having a custom logo created, then using it as often as possible. Whenever you send an invoice or ship a package, your logo and business name should be there. This is going to help people remember you. In addition to using the logo on your website and other online places, also have it printed on the following items.

Business Cards

Your business cards should always have your company logo, even if the card is just for you. Whether you run a corporation or a sole proprietorship, it helps to have the logo printed if you have one. When you hand your business card to someone, they might not remember your name or email address, but they will likely notice the logo and remember it the next time they need your services.

Promotional Materials

All promotional materials should have your business logo printed on them as well. This includes any postcards you mail out or flyers that are advertising clearances or upcoming sales. If you send promotional giveaway items for contests or to advertise a new product line, all materials should have your logo printed on them. If you fail to do so, people might get a postcard in the mail but pay it no mind because they don't recognise where it came from.

Documents and Forms

All bills, invoices, letterhead, envelopes, and other documents you send to customers should have your logo and business name at the top. Digital printers are able to provide these to you in bulk, so you should have plenty of them on hand at all times. You can also use the logo with digital versions of newsletters and invoices, but any time something is printed and mailed, don't hesitate to use forms with your logo.

Packaging Supplies and Boxes

If you sell items that are purchased from an online store, have your packaging and shipping materials customised with your logo and business name. This small investment is well worth it in the end. This could be what keeps new customers coming back due to the large impact it has on branding. Or perhaps one of their friends is visiting, notices the logo on one of the shipping items, and goes home to check out your store online. The exception is if, based on what you sell, you believe having your logo on the main shipping box would make it tempting to thieves. However, you can still have the box and materials inside customised with your logo.

Trade Show Banners

If you ever bring your business to local trade shows, have a banner custom made that includes your logo on it. Many people that attend trade shows don't have time to stop at every single booth, even if it looks interesting to them. However, they will pay close attention to branding, including what is printed on your banner. Someone might see the logo or recognise the business name, then look you up at another time.

For more information about having your logo printed on various business items, contact a digital printing company.