A Comparison Between Mechanical and Air Suspension Truck Seats

Truck drivers are usually exposed to vibrations and shocks as they transport goods over long distances. Those shocks and vibrations can have negative effects on the health of the drivers, such as lower back pain. However, those negative effects can be prevented by installing suspension seats in the trucks. This article discusses two kinds of suspension seats (mechanical suspension seats and air suspension seats). Use this information to choose which type of suspension seat would be suitable for your needs as a truck owner/driver.

Mechanical Suspension Seats  

Mechanical suspension truck seats work in the same way as the suspension system of a car. They have a system of shock absorbers, coil springs, levers and articulated joints within the mechanism of the truck seat. This complex system moves sideways and vertically in order to dampen the magnitude of the vibrations or shocks caused by the truck's movement over uneven surfaces.

Mechanical suspension systems have several advantages. First, they require minimal maintenance since they do not have electronic systems that can fail frequently. Secondly, they are more affordable when compared to air suspension systems. Furthermore, the system is designed to meet the needs of average-sized drivers so no special adjustments are needed before one starts driving the truck.

However, the mechanical systems of these suspension seats gradually reduce in efficiency as they are repeatedly used. For instance, the spring rate of the coil springs keeps reducing as the springs succumb to metal fatigue after being used for a long time.

Air Suspension Truck Seats

Pneumatic, or air suspension seats rely on sensors to adjust the amount of pressurised air that is released into the seat in order to counter any shocks or vibrations as a truck is moving. The sensors rely on the power system of the truck in order to operate. These seats provide better comfort to all sizes of drivers because the sensors are able to adjust the shock-absorption ability of the seat based on the pressure exerted by the weight of the driver. Their effectiveness remains high as long as the system is well maintained. This is unlike mechanical systems that age and become less effective.

However, the complex electrical and pneumatic mechanism requires regular servicing so that it remains working efficiently. The seats are also more expensive when compared to mechanical truck suspension seats.

Use the information above to select the most appropriate suspension seat for your truck. You can also contact suppliers for additional information in case you still have unanswered concerns that may affect your final decision.