5 Benefits of Sneeze Guards for Your Cashier Station

Sneeze shields were once only used to protect buffets and similar areas where food was exposed to the customers or staff, but those days are past. The benefits of sneeze shields for protecting cashiers and shop desk staff are becoming more obvious. Sneeze shields are now being used in more and more shops, quickly becoming the norm in employee and customer illness prevention. 

1. Meet Required Safety Regulations

If you are in an industry where sneeze guards are required by safety regulations, then you need a professionally designed and manufactured sneeze shield that is made to fulfil all current requirements. Safety regulations can vary between states, territories, and even councils, so always verify the local regulations before choosing which sneeze shield to install. 

2. Reduce Worker Absences

Absences due to illness can take a toll on profits and worker morale. Often, once one employee falls sick, the rest soon follow. Running your business short-staffed can lead to profit loss as frustrated customers take their business elsewhere. Putting a clear sneeze shield between the staff and the public helps keep everyone healthy by cutting down on the spread of colds, influenza and other infectious diseases. 

3. Maintain a Low Profile

A barrier can make staff seem unapproachable, which can put off customers if it is not chosen carefully. Look for unframed sneeze shields that are completely transparent, as this helps make the barrier less noticeable. You can even have them designed with speaker holes or a pass-through port to make sure transactions can be handled easily without being encumbered by the sneeze shield. 

4. Customise to Any Setup

There are a variety of setups for a sales counter or register station. Some may need a sneeze guard that surrounds the station on multiple sides, while others only need a small shield between the cashier and a customer that is directly in front of them. Instead of trying to make a one-size-fits-most solution work for your setup, have a custom sneeze guard designed to fit your specific needs. 

5. Improve Overall Safety

Sneeze guards do more than protect your staff against germs, they also provide a barrier against would-be thieves or an irate customer. The clear material of the guard allows the cashier to still be available and clearly visible, but the barrier tends to discourage those looking to steal or cause another problem as the strength of the sneeze guard may appear stronger than it is.  

Contact a sneeze guard manufacturer to find the solution best suited to your business. For more information on sneeze shields, contact a professional near you.