Are Impulse Sealers Better Than Constant Seal Heating Machines?

Heat sealers come in various types. These devices are widely used in the packaging of plastic materials. Impulse heat sealing machines and constant heat sealers are among the most commonly used types of heat sealers in the modern plastic industry. Below is a comparison of different aspects associated with the use of both heat sealing machines. This comparison explains why impulse heat sealing machines are a better choice for industrial workers faced with a decision between the two.

Energy Efficiency

Among other reasons, impulse heat sealers are preferred for the fact that they're more energy efficient than their constant counterparts. The blades on an impulse heat sealing machine will only generate heat when the plastic material is being sealed. In contrast, operation of constant heat sealers requires their seal blades to be maintained at high temperatures throughout. Constant heat sealers are named thus due to the aforementioned requirement for their operation. As a result, constant heat sealers use (and lose) more heat than impulse sealers.

In the same vein, constant heat sealers have to warm up first before the machine can be used on plastic material. Impulse sealers don't need time to warm up or pre-heat. This reduces the amount of electrical energy required for their normal functioning.


Safety of equipment operators is also a key issue to factor in when faced with the decision between impulse and constant heat sealers. Plastic industrial plants that are big on safety often opt for impulse sealers. They are the safer option for a number of reasons. For one, the fact that these machines generate less heat during their operation reduces the likelihood of fire breakouts resulting from their use.

More importantly however, impulse heat sealers are safer because they protect the operator from the heat generated by the machine. Impulse sealers do not generate heat unless the sealing element has been energized and the machine's jaws are closed. As such, operators who touch the sealing jaws during machine operation are unlikely to get burnt.  


Constant sealers are preferred when the speed of the sealing process is considered.  This is because the operation of constant sealers does not involve seal-cooling. Therefore, it will take less time to seal each plastic material. Plastic industries looking for the fastest way to undertake heat sealing should not hesitate to invest in a constant seal heating machine. However, that speed comes at a sacrifice of the benefits of impulse sealers that are discussed above.

From the above discussion, it is clear why a plastic manufacturer should choose an impulse sealer over constant heat sealing machines. Click here for more information on using heat sealers.