Indications That Your Swimming Pool Requires Pump Repairs

For some pool owners, not much thought is given to the pool pump as long as it is in good working condition. However, if you do not take the appropriate maintenance measures, your pool pump can succumb to wear and tear before its time. Problems with your pool pump are not only an inconvenience, but can also make your swimming pool a health hazard. As such, it is always best to look out for signs that you require pump repairs before the problem becomes aggravated. Here are some of the indications that your swimming pool requires professional pump repairs.

Strange noises are emanating from your pool pump.

Generally, pool pumps will emit noises when they are in use just like most motorized devices. However, this should be a regular hum and not inconsistent grunts, knocks and other unusual noises. If the noises are originating from the pump's motor, chances are the motor is experiencing problems when priming. If you are hearing sucking noises, then this could indicate an air leak in your pool pump that would have to be established posthaste. Overall, any weird noises that are coming from your pool pump should be addressed immediately by professional repairmen, as this could be an indicator of a larger underlying problem. 

Leaking from your pool pump.

One of the subtle signs of pump repairs that pool owners tend to overlook is a leak. This is largely because not many people will be able to discern that it is a leak they are dealing with and ensure that they enlist pump repair services as soon as they can. One of the obvious signs that your pump is experiencing a leak is if the water levels in your pool keep decreasing. This is often confused with natural evaporation of water, however, this may not be the cause. Unusual drops in water level indicate that there is water escaping from the pump system while it is running. Signs of leakage should be taken seriously, as they can eventually lead to increased utility bills in an aim of keeping your pool's water level consistent.

Grime and dirt in your pool.

If your pool begins to change colour or you notice an increase in grime despite your best efforts of keeping it clean, chances are you require pump repairs. The pool pump works toward eliminating algae, bacteria and other contaminants by ensuring the water passes through the pool filter. If your pump is malfunctioning, this means that water is not being appropriately redirected for filtration. Murky pool water is an indication that you would require professional pump repairs.