Should You Choose Clay Tiles for Your Roof?

If it is time for you to upgrade the roofing on your home, you are no doubt feeling confused by the huge number of options available in the marketplace. You could choose metal sheeting, a thatched roof, shingle roofing, clay tiles, and more beside. This article is going to tackle one of these options – clay tiles – so you can decide if clay is the best option for you.

Your house needs to support the weight. On any one roof, you will need hundreds and perhaps thousands of clay tiles to cover the whole of the surface area. This could be a problem if your house doesn't have the structural foundation to support these heavy tiles. Although clay is lighter than something like concrete, it is heavier than sheet metal. You should ensure that an independent contractor inspects your foundation before investing in clay tiles.

An eco-friendly tiling solution. In the 21st century, climate change is the biggest threat to the planet. This means that many people are opting for sustainable solutions that do not cause harm to the environment. Because clay is 100% natural – it is the earth itself – there is no problem with recycling this material and returning it to the earth once it has been used. You should, however, consider if the tiles have been air dried or fire dried, as firing clay may be energy intensive and make the tiles less green.

A naturally insulating material. Australia has extremely hot summers and chilly winters, and this means you will want to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter without spending a fortune on energy bills. Fortunately, choosing clay can be very useful for this. The material is reflective, and this means that it will stop the strong heat getting into your house through your roof during the summer. If you really want to up its insulating credentials, you can cover the clay in a layer of even more reflective paint.

Durable and long lasting. If an epic thunderstorm strikes, you want your roof to emerge with as little damage as possible. Clay tiles are a great choice because they are extremely sturdy in the face of strong winds, and they won't set on fire in Australia's epic temperatures either. Clay tiles can actually last for up to 100 years when the installation is high quality. This means your clay tiles will be a one-time investment that you will never have to update.

For more information about using tiles for your house, contact a local supplier.