Safety Equipment to Use When Performing Your Own Home Demolition Work

Performing your own demolition work isn't usually advised, as it can be quite dangerous and demand a variety of machines and tools you might not have access to. However, if the demolition work is small scale, like a small room or just a wall, and you have some prior experience, it can be done. The most important thing when performing your own demolition work is to take special consideration of safety issues. To keep safe when doing your own demolition, there are a few pieces of equipment you should make sure to use.

Face Mask

Asbestos is one of the major concerns when tearing down structures in your house, as you might not be sure if it's there or not. To avoid being exposed to asbestos, you should make sure to wear a face mask that can withstand being used in asbestos-infected environments. A face mask is also a valuable piece of equipment in all steps of the demolition, as it protects your airways and face from dust and particles. To further avoid being affected by possible asbestos, you should keep a bottle of water with a spray nozzle close by to spray at the asbestos to keep it from spreading in the air.

Dust Inhibitors

Even if you don't find asbestos while demolishing, ordinary dust can also be quite damaging to your health. It's impossible to demolish without being exposed to dust, but you can use different tools to avoid direct exposure to it. Use a tool with a long handle when tearing down plaster and drywall, so that the initial cloud of dust doesn't come directly towards your face. An ordinary shovel can be used like this. You can also put up a sheet of thick plastic over demolished drywall and other places that are creating a lot of dust to prevent it from spreading through the room.

Body Protection

You also need to use appropriate gear to protect your body from injury. Always wear steel-reinforced boots to avoid getting hurt by stepping on nails or dropping things on your feet. You should wear thick and protective clothing that covers up your entire body. In addition to a face mask, you should also wear protective glasses, as your eyes can become damaged from being exposed to large amount of dust. It's also difficult to know with how much force things are going to come toward you when pulling them apart, which is why glasses are important if anything were to hit your face with a lot of force. Even when not working with materials that might accumulate large amounts of dust, like wood, you should wear a mask or a piece of cloth over your mouth to protect your face from splinters.