Common Questions Homeowners Have About Timber Doors

Timber or wood doors can make a home seem welcoming and inviting and a bit more traditional than a steel or metal door. Having a timber door at your entryway also means you have more options for its color and style, since you can more easily paint or stain the door yourself over the years. Before you opt for a timber or wood door, note a few questions to consider first. This will ensure you choose the right door and know that timber will work for your home's entryways.

1. Is a timber door secure?

It's easy to think that someone could just simply kick their way through a timber door, but the timber is usually so thick and durable that it would take more than a swift kick to splinter the door down the middle. Additionally, when someone kicks in a door, it's usually the doorframe that gives way, not the door itself. You can have your timber door installed with a heavy-duty frame and be very secure. Many timber doors are also  made with a wood overlay that is applied over a steel center, so that the door is heavy and strong. Opt for this if you're worried about the strength of your timber door.

2. Is a timber door right for all types of homes?

Note that wood tends to absorb moisture and humidity more readily than steel or metal, so if you live in the tropics, this might not be the best choice. If you do choose a timber door in such an environment, be prepared to reseal it as often as recommended by the manufacturer to protect the wood. You may also want to inspect it every year from top to bottom to note if there are any signs of wood rot or other damage that you'll want to repair immediately.

3. How do you choose the right style and color of wood?

Since there is such a wide range of timber doors, you may want to spend some time with a contractor or even a decorator to decide what would work for your home. First note if you have timber window frames, and if so, the door should match those. If not, be careful about trying to match the door to the color of a brick home, as then it may simply blend in. A crisp white door can look nice against brick. If you have white or a light color of aluminum siding, choose a darker, warmer stain for your timber door to make it stand out. If you're concerned about the environmental impact of your timber door, choose bamboo, since it's easily sustainable and replenishes very quickly, or even opt for a wood door made from recycled pieces.