How to Mail a Document Using a Mailing Tube

Architectural plans and printed materials such as banners, posters and blueprints are somewhat too big or extremely delicate to fit into the standard mailing envelopes, and besides, folding these items may not be advisable or allowed. Furthermore, the items may also require extra protection while in transit. In this respect, mailing tubes offer the best possible shipping alternative for such unique and delicate packages. Typically, mailing tubes are created from a firm cardboard and assume a cylindrical shape. Users are able to access and insert items in the tubes for mailing by opening up the cap that is situated at one end section of the mailing tube. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to use a mailing tube.

What you'll need

  • Marker/Ink pen
  • Mailing tube
  • Large white glue mailing sticker
  • Two end caps


  1. As previously mentioned, mailing tubes feature two end caps by which you can access and store items inside them. Therefore, the first step is to remove or open one end cap from one of the end sections of your mailing tube.
  2. Next, roll your document, whether it is a painting, drawing or a poster, into a cylindrical shape similar to your mailing tube. Be sure that your cylindrically-rolled document is able to fit perfectly into the opening of your mailing tube without any damage to the perimeters of your document.
  3. Gently, slip your document inside the open end of the mailing tube. Be sure to push the document cautiously to prevent crushing your work against the other closed tube end
  4. Once the document is fully inside the tube, get the end cap you opened earlier and seal the mailing tube by placing the cap into the wide-open end of the tube.
  5. Using your ink pen or marker, inscribe the name as well as the address of the addressee in the middle of your large, white glue mailing sticker. Make sure you also write your return address on the label's top left hand corner.
  6. Take out your label and apply it as near to the middle section of the mailing tube as possible.
  7. Ascertain that each respective end cap is firmly in position prior to mailing your manuscript.
  8. Visit your local post office and have your mailing tube weighed to determine the amount of postage needed for mailing. Part with the needed amount for postage and hand over your mailing tube to the postal representative for mailing.

If you frequently have items that need to be mailed in tube packages, you'll want to contact a local supplier like The Tubeworks so that you can keep a variety of mailing tubes in stock.