Insulated Garage Doors: Reasons Why You Need Them

Replacing, refurbishing or even purchasing garage doors from a company like Alpha Industries for your house might not be something you do every day. However, when this happens, you should be keen on factors such as the costs, durability, and noise. Whether you prefer steel or wood, a significant factor you might have to mull over when looking for your garage doors is choosing between non-insulated and insulated ones. Therefore, here are four key benefits of insulated garage doors you should consider.

Noise Reduction

Whether it's the kids on the street playing ball, the noise of an airplane flying overhead or your neighbor's car's engine roar, external noise might not always stay there. Insulated garage doors can reduce such noise dramatically, especially if your garage is attached to your house, so that you're undisturbed when sleeping, relaxing, eating, etc.

Flexibility in Different Seasons and Climates

Depending on the time of the year or the climate in your region, you may consider cooling or heating your garage to create the environment you desire in there. Moreover, since it's more likely that your garage is one of your home's largest rooms, maximizing its use could be a good idea. Therefore, if you cool or heat your garage occasionally, an insulated garage door can help you minimize the transmission of heat through the door as well as lower the costs of heating and cooling.

Energy Efficiency

Opening and closing your garage door more often can allow a lot of air from outside to enter your garage. If the interior of your house shares a wall with your garage, the constant change in temperature can affect the stability of temperature in your home and have a possible negative effect on your energy bills. When it is cold, insulated garage doors can reduce the cold that is seeping in, and when hot, they can reduce the cold that is seeping out. Therefore, this can reduce both your cooling and heating bills, preventing the escape of the extra dollar from your wallet! If you have a room above your garage, the insulation can also help enhance its energy efficiency.

Resell Value

Imagine you are looking for a house, and you find one with an insulated garage door. Would you not want to buy it, especially after understanding its benefits? For this reason, if you want to sell your house, your insulated garage doors might make it more attractive than homes with uninsulated ones, meaning you can sell it at a higher price.