A Comparison Between Stainless Steel Handrails and Wooden Handrails

Homeowners can choose between different materials, such as stainless steel and cast iron, when they would like handrails to be fabricated for their balconies. The sheer number of options can make it daunting for the average homeowner to select the best material for those handrails that he or she wishes to have on the balcony. This article compares wooden handrails to stainless steel handrails. Use this information to select the most appropriate material from which your new handrails should be made.

Purchase Cost

Wooden handrails vary in their cost based on the type of wood from which you would like those handrails to be made. For instance, wood from species like mahogany may be very expensive in comparison to species that take a shorter time to mature, such as cedar. Stainless steel handrails may be more affordable to buy because they are made from a material (stainless steel) that is readily available from steel mills.


It may be easier to install stainless steel handrails in your home once the fabrication process is completed. This is because the handrails will just need to be assembled at the installation site. This assembly process can be completed in a short while. However, some components of wooden handrails, such as the joints between different sections, may need to be fabricated on site depending on the design that you selected for the handrails.


Wooden handrails require frequent maintenance in order to protect them from the different threats that can shorten their service life. For instance, the handrails may need to be painted each year in order to keep moisture from penetrating them. Similarly, chemical treatments may need to be used in order to keep biological agents, such as insects, from destroying the wood. These maintenance costs may make the lifetime cost of owning the wooden handrails very high.

Stainless steel is inherently resistant to the elements, such as moisture attacks. These handrails don't need to be painted because they can't succumb to corrosion. They also retain their attractive appearance without the need to use expensive chemicals to keep them shiny. This makes the lifetime cost of owning stainless steel handrails affordable.

As you can see, stainless steel handrails have distinct advantages over wooden handrails. However, other factors, such as the design theme of your home, may influence which material is a better option for your home. It is therefore advisable for you to talk to an expert before you make a final decision about the type of handrails that should be fabricated for your home.