Remodelling Your Kitchen? Here Are 6 Great Sheet Metal Ideas You Can Try Out

Kitchen remodels are quite common, and if you're planning one, you can incorporate sheet metal for a clean modern look in your kitchen. Below, check out some ideas that you can actualise through custom sheet metal fabrication.


A sheet metal countertop is not a bad idea. Already sheet metal is being used for bench tops so this is not new territory in terms of design. A sheet metal countertop is easy to clean as it will not stain or absorb any spills. Sheet metal countertops are also sturdy and can handle high temperatures and rough damage without breaking or cracking.


Tiles, and of late, glass are the more common options for kitchen splashbacks. However, sheet metal works too. One reason to think about a sheet metal splashback is because it's unique. Also, as pointed out above, it's easy to clean and will not be affected by the heat coming from your cooker.

Range hood

A hood over your cooker is an important part of a kitchen. Your fabricator can create a range hood that fits perfectly over your cooker. This new addition will not only add style to your kitchen, it will also help to evacuate hot air from the kitchen, thus helping to keep your 'new' kitchen much cooler.


How about a sheet metal pantry? It can be a stand-alone unit or a wall-mounted structure. Made of steel, it will be strong enough to carry lots of kitchen supplies without bulging. Alternatively, you can also use sheet metal for other storage options such as cabinets or shelving where you can place your cutlery and kitchen supplies.

Dish rack

You can also order a dish rack for placing your dishes and pots in after cleaning. The dish rack can have several tiers to accommodate the number of dishes you want to load on the rack at any given time. Being a custom unit, your fabricator will ensure that the rack fits snugly next to the sink or on one of your countertops.

Trash container

And lastly, how about a sheet metal trash container? If your current trash can gets stained easily or is not large enough to hold all your waste, a custom unit will do the trick. Not only can it be designed to meet your waste volumes, it can feature a custom shape to add some more style to your new kitchen.

Whatever ideas you apply for your new kitchen, you have the choice to choose between different materials, i.e. steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, etc. Talk to a fabricator and discuss some ideas.