Fundamentals to Prioritise When Shopping for an Industrial Water Tank

As long as your industrial business needs a consistent supply of water for its operations, you need to invest in the right storage solutions for this fluid. But establishing which factors to take into account will vary from one industrialist to the next, as their needs are not the same. As an example, while some industrialists could be focussing solely on the price of the industrial water tank, others could be keen on below ground solutions over their above-ground counterparts. [Read More]

The True Value of Electrical Engineering Experts in the Construction Industry

The construction industry relies on various disciplines and professionals to bring any project to successful completion. When running an industrial construction project, you might need to outsource expertise from civil engineers, building surveyors, structural engineers, architectural technologists or electrical engineers. While all of them specialise in specific fields critical to your project's success, the role of electrical engineers seems more superlative. Apart from designing high-voltage electrical systems, electrical engineers are tasked with multiple other responsibilities in the construction industry. [Read More]

Why Seams and Spiral Marks on Concrete Columns Are So Undesirable

The use of moulds to construct concrete columns has made it much easier to produce relatively smooth structures – but even these moulds can leave seams and allow for some spiral marking. This is why plastic inserts for these forms are such a necessary part of the concrete pouring process. Leaving seam or spiral markings on concrete columns might not seem so bad because the marks are so light, but those markings are a lot more noticeable – and leave a bigger impression – than you might realise. [Read More]

3 Vital Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Ideal Concrete Vibrator

When running a residential or commercial construction project, you must choose the right equipment for the work. One piece of equipment you'll find pretty helpful in this case is a concrete vibrator. It is essential in consolidating and compacting poured concrete. It can significantly increase the quality of poured concrete by eliminating air spaces and allowing for a perfect mix. This piece of equipment also presents a host of benefits to your project when dealing with concrete. [Read More]