Choosing between Single and Twin Wall Flue Pipes

When installing a wood-burning stove in your house for heating purposes, there are many things you need to consider. When planning the installation, you need to look at all aspects and parts of the stove to make sure you get the best possible heating solution. One of the most important parts on a stove is the flue, as this is the part that needs to be chosen depending on the conditions in your house. The two kinds of flue pipes you need to choose between are a single or twin wall flue pipe.

Single wall flue pipe

A single wall flue pipe is an older model of flue pipe that is still in used in many different chimneys. It's created with a single layer of steel, sometimes coated with a different material for durability. It can also be coated with some type of powder coating to be able to withstand higher temperatures. The downside of a single wall flue pipe is that quite a lot of the heat from the fire is lost through the wall of the pipe, as it doesn't have any insulation. If you already have an existing chimney without a stove, or if you aren't using the stove as your main source of heat in your home, a single wall flue pipe might be an economical and sufficient solution.

Twin wall flue pipe

A twin wall flue pipe is created by two separate layers of steel. During the flue manufacturing process, a layer of insulation is added between the layers. This achieves a minimal amount of heat loss through the flue pipe, which allows the heat to instead stay inside of your house. A twin wall flue pipe doesn't need a chimney to surround it, as it is thick enough to perforate walls and floors on its own. Depending on the chimney, it might also be hard to fit a twin wall flue pipe in an already existing chimney without making the hole too small for smoke to get through.


Depending on the flue manufacturing process, both kinds of flues can be sufficient for usage at home. If the metal is coated with an external layer and powder painted for heat endurance, a single wall flue pipe can do a satisfactory job of keeping your home warm. However, a twin wall flue pipe is the preferred options in almost all situations. It maintains the heat better and is easier to install due to not needing a chimney. If you are installing a stove from scratch, there's no reason to not choose a twin wall flue pipe.