Does Your Facility Need a Rapid Roll Door?

A rapid roll door is one that works much faster than standard overhead doors, either to open and close in an instant or to open much more quickly, and close more quickly, than you would see with other types of doors. These doors can open overhead or slide to one side, and can often be set to various speeds for their opening and closing. If you haven't thought about upgrading to rapid roll doors for your facility, note a few situations where they may be the best choice for a business.

When customers are waiting

If you have an auto service center or any type of business where customers need to drive into the facility, they can get very impatient with doors that seem to take forever to open. With rapid roll doors, customers can quickly and easily access your facility and not need to feel as if they're burning fuel while idling, or wasting their time waiting for you. 

This can also be true of delivery drivers who need to back into a warehouse area. Installing rapid roll doors in the bays can mean getting those trucks in and out faster so that you can quickly unload or load the truck, and your workflow is not slowed down because of your doors.

When you're losing energy

The slower the doors that lead to the outside, the more heating and air conditioning you're losing through that entryway. If you have a business in a climate that tends to extremes, meaning very hot summers and very cold winters, you may already be paying quite a lot to keep the interior of a building comfortable. That very hot or very cold air that comes in through the door as someone is waiting for it to open all the way means more money you spend on your utilities. Switching to a rapid roll door means protecting the indoor environment and lowering your utility expenses.

When security is an issue

Like gates to a parking lot that quickly close behind one car, rapid roll doors can keep unauthorized personnel out of a restricted area. While they will stop working when sensors detect an obstruction, having doors that quickly start to close behind one person entering a particular area can keep out anyone tempted to enter behind them, whether that's an outside entryway to a warehouse or a secure area inside your facility. This adds a layer of protection in these areas and allows you better control of traffic and personnel.